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Major Kenneth Toso briefs the seated on Air Defense: They are, left-to-right, Secretary of the Army, Stanley R. Resor; Lieutenant General John H. Michaelis, Commanding General, Eighth U.S. Army; and Brigadier General Lloyd L. Leech, Commanding General, 38th Brigade (AD) at Camp Bray Tactical Site (Battery A, 2d Bn (HAWK) 71st ADA), 1969.

This diploma, at the time, was only awarded to company grade officers that had completed the Signal Basic Officers Course. It was designed to fine tune  basic course graduates with the technical vagaries of battalion, brigade, division, corps, and Army-level signal centers.

Completion of this course, also known as the Career Course, was prerequisite to enrollment in Command & General Staff College (CGSC), which I was scheduled for. However, this was my last active duty school because I did not opt for the latter. I was by then an Air Force Mission-Essential career employee. This status mandated I sever ties with the Army Reserve while so employed to avoid a conflict of interest between the Services in the event of war.  Of course, without a CGSC diploma in hand I could not be promoted in the Army Reserve to Lt Col, an Army mandate.

2nd Division Armor Patrol, late Spring 1969, about to cross a stream to  bypass a small 60-ton capacity bridge - a single M60 Main Battle Tank weighed-in at 60 tons and there were many approaching.

This represents the formal end to Mr. Solstad's federal service, which commenced in 1966 when he entered the Army as a cadet (E1) in ROTC at the University of Minnesota: 14,764 days or 40 years, 5 months, and 1 day excluding the end date.

Presented to each soldier at the completion of a full tour of duty. This was presented in May of 1972.

Presented to each service member completing a tour of duty with the command. This was presented in November 1974.

This award is a casting of shell holes from enemy strafing of the Pearl Harbor attack of 7 December 1941. This was presented to Mr. Solstad on the occasion of his retirement from Pacific Air Forces at Hickam AFB, Hawaii in November 2006.

This Plaque is one of many crafted by Mr. Francis "Moose" Norton for the Pacific Air Forces Directorate of Communications & Information. At one time it adorned the PACAF/SC Hallway in Wing C, Building 1102, Hickam AFB.

A Farewell Token from Detachment 3, 1974 Communications Group, Scott AFB, Il (Minneapolis OL). Mr. Solstad was the Chief of the Detachment and the Director, Communications & Information, 934th Tactical Airlift Group, MSP-IAP. In this capacity he supported 60 various federal agencies and activities in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area during the period 1986-1989 before moving to the Pentagon.

This was worn as part of the duty uniform by all instructors, teachers, and professors at the U.S. Army Southeastern Signal School, Fort Gordon, GA. Mr. Solstad was an instructor in the Officers Department. He taught various subject areas while assigned to the school and was formally recognized for his great success in that pursuit in 1970.

Major Solstad's Awards & Decorations

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