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Regarding lawyers and their practice: “…probabilities and plausible arguments involve no knowledge concerning truth, but trial and disputation and wrangling conflict and contentiousness and everything of that sort.” — Philo

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Writer, Publisher, and Developer
I am a writer, publisher, and business development consultant that:
  1) served worldwide as a Signal Officer with the U. S. Army, 1966-1988;
  2) served as a civilian executive Air Force Program Manager, Department of the Air Force, Washington DC, provisioning oversight to the $2.5 billion Air Force Long Haul Communications program, managing as well the day-to-day investments of the Defense Department's Joint World Wide Capital Fund’s (WWCF) Communications Services Industrial Fund (CSIF), 1989-1990; and then
  3) served as Branch and Division Chief, Resources Division, Pacific Air Forces Directorate of Communication and Information, 1991-2006.
Including my time as an enlisted member in ROTC, my total federal service exceeded forty years.  

On the first of June 2001 I and a partner founded DS Information Systems Corporation, which soon employed 120 engineers, information technology technicians, and programmers for a period of ten years-plus until the company was retired, moving  remaining assets to other firms via the SBA. 

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