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Regarding lawyers and their practice: “…probabilities and plausible arguments involve no knowledge concerning truth, but trial and disputation and wrangling conflict and contentiousness and everything of that sort.” — Philo

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On The Water
“The great charm of a yacht, of the furnishings of a yacht, of yachting clothes, is their simplicity..." - From Marcel Proust's Remembrance of Things Past.  Yes, and they are wonderfully conducive to writing...


Aboard Marie Lee, and working on The Girl in the White Hat, Summer 2012.


Piloting Marie Lee up the Mississippi, Mid-Summer 2009
Preparing the Yacht Standard for Deployment

Marie Lee Lying St. Paul, MN

Back up the Mississippi, Late September 2012

At the Helm, end of the Boating Season 2012 and a Trip to Stillwater, Minnesota.

Shrink Wrapped for Winter 2017
 Click here for a ride up the St. Croix River on a Refit Marie Lee from Hastings, MN to Stillwater,MN.