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On The Water
  Kim Chun Cha and her  delighted Shinsigae Department Store senior executive escort, 1962

The snapshots on this page cover the period 1962 1974. In the near future captions will be added for clarity. The snapshots on this page include subjects from Korea, Japan (Okinawa), and Taiwan. 

Kim Chun Cha (Solstad) appears often as does her husband, Peter. There are also a series of snapshots taken from the upper floor fire escape of the Naija hotel, a military R&R facility that served military members of the era, which show the funeral parade for the wife of President Park Chung Hee (Yuk Young-soo). One snapshot reveals a large vehicle (Hearse) bathed in yellow flowers bearing her body. She was murdered in an assassination attempt that went terribly awry. Walking closely behind is President Park Chung Hee.  

Look for more picture adds on this page throughout the coming months...

Kim Chun Cha - 1960

Kim Chun Cha - 1960

Kim Chun Cha - 1960

Chun Cha Solstad at Yongsan Commisary - 1971

Chun Cha Solstad at the right with friend - White Beach, Okinawa - 1973

Chun Cha Solstad in blue, Officers Wives Club Luncheon, Top of the Rock Okinawa OOM - 1973

Chun Cha Solstad, Kishaba Terrace Housing - 1972

Chun Cha Solstad and daughters- Taipei, Taiwan Vacation - 1973

Chun Cha Solstad modeling new gowns at home, 2243 Kishaba Terrace -1973

Chun Cha Solstad - White Beach Okinawa - 1973

Chun Cha and CW4 Shipman and Wife at the Top of the Rock OOM - Okinawa - 1973

Chun Cha Solstad and daughters, the Ambassador Hotel, Taipei - 1973

Chun Cha posing at the National Museum, Taipei, Taiwan - 1973

Kim Chun Cha, Walker Hill, Korea - circa 1963

Chun Cha Solstad with daughter Virginia (left), and friend - 1972

1Lt Solstad, Camp Red Cloud Korea - 1971

1Lt Solstad above Uijeongbu-si and Camp Red Cloud - 1971

1 Lt Solstad at HNL IAP Oriental Garden on MEDEVAC - 1970

Captain Solstad, White Beach Naval Officers Club - 1974

Captain Solstad at home, 2243 Kishaba Terrace Okinawa - 1974

Captain Solstad at Naha Airport Okinawa - 1973

Captain Solstad at ruins of Shuri Castle, Okinawa -1973

Captain Solstad, Commander, HQ Detachment and Company B, USCC-J SSAS - Okinawa - 1973

Captain Solstad on Leave in Seoul, Korea; Chang-Gyeon Weon - 1973

Captain Staicer and Captain Saunders - Okinawa, 1973

Downtown Seoul - 1969

Downtown Seoul - 1969

Yongsan Entrance - 1970

Downtown Seoul - 1969

Construction, Downtown Seoul - 1969

Elevated highways and turn-arounds, Seoul - 1970

Downtown Seoul - 1970

Downtown Seoul - 1971

From the Main Gate, Camp Red Cloud; Uijeongbu-si - 1969

Chun Cha (in black) visiting friends at their home - Seoul - 1973

Chun Cha visits long time friend at her home, Seoul - 1973

Chun Cha and her friend

The Naija Rest & Recreation Hotel - 1973

From the Naija Hotel Parking Lot: citizens gather for the funeral of Yuk Young-Soo, wife of Park Chung Hee

Hearse covered in yellow flowers carrying Yuk Young-Soo to the National Cemetery

Immediately above is the President Hotel-Under Construction, 1970.