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Regarding lawyers and their practice: “…probabilities and plausible arguments involve no knowledge concerning truth, but trial and disputation and wrangling conflict and contentiousness and everything of that sort.” — Philo

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General Historical Images
The Defense Communications System (DCS) as it was, 1970

2nd Division Armor near Camp Casey, 1970

2d Bn (HAWK) 71st ADA, Camp Red Cloud, 1970

2d Bn (HAWK) 71st ADA Signal Platoon Building, 1969-1972, Camp Red Cloud
Scene just outside the Camp Red Cloud Main Gate, March 1969
Senior Leadership, 1969-70, at Camp Bray-Eighth Army
BG Lloyd Leech, CG 38th Bde
Lt Col Paul Corneos, CDR, 2d Bn, 71st; A Battery CO to the rear, Kimpo, Korea


The Naija Hotel, Eighth Army Rest & Recreation Center, Seoul, Korea, 1974 (Closed, 1990)
Abandoned Civilian Club, Camp Falling Water, Uijeongbu, 2005
 Abandoned Civilian Club, 2005, and from the air (below)


Civilian Club at night, 2005

Aerial view of the Civilian Club, 2005
(note: the four lane underpass to the right did not exist during the 1970s; the property was part of the Camp Falling Water grounds.  Too, none of the multi-story buildings had been built, or even considered)

Location of Camp Falling Water's Civilian Club in Google Earth:
37°44'14.53" N 127°02'49.88" E
 Camp Red Cloud Movie Theater, 2005 (essentially unchanged since 1969)

Camp Red Cloud Chapel, 2005 (essentially unchanged since 1969)

Entrance to Delta-TAC, 2d Bn (HAWK) 71st ADA, 1969
HHC I Corps (GP) gated CID facility, (Criminal Investigation Division), I Corps Provost Marshal, Camp Red Cloud, 1969
Deactivation Orders


Military Payment Certificate (Front/Back, circa 1969)


The Bullseye Lounge (Officers' Club) Monthly Calendar of Events

Inside the Old Civilian Club, 1969

Outside the Old Civilian Club, 1969

Outside the Yongsan Commissary, 1969

A man and his two sons transporting kindle wood on the road behind Camp Red Cloud and Hill 468, 1969

On Hill 468, overlooking Uijeongbu and Camp Red Cloud (The 'Gauntlet'), 1969

Standing on rice patty berms between Camp Red Cloud and Hill 468 (right peak in the background)

1 Lt Solstad, Duty Officer at 0212 hours, December 20, 1969, HQ 2d Bn (HAWK) 71st ADA, Camp Red Cloud, Korea


Captain Solstad in a bunker, Battery D, 2d Bn (HAWK) 71st ADA Tacsite, circa 1971




Post Engineer Marshaling Yard, Camp Falling Water (Quonset BOQ at right) mentioned in Punchy Company as site of  ill advised tryst

Interior of an AN/MRC-69 Radio Terminal Set, Battery D, 2d Bn (HAWK) 71st ADA Tacsite, 1970

Newly opened Seoul-Taegu highway, circa 1970

Newly Opened Traffic Circle, Seoul, 1970, part and parcel of Saemaul Undong, discussed in Punchy Company

SFC Nestor Alves, NCOIC, Signal Platoon, 2d Bn (HAWK) 71st ADA, with Hill 468 in the background (USASTRACOM Site Concord) and OC-71, circa winter, 1969

Captain Solstad at home (2243 Kishaba Terrace) with fish caught at White Beach Pier, 1973
Another view with daughter running in the background

Chun Cha Solstad with daughter in a leg cast, signed and decorated by her playmates,1972

View from the Ambassador Hotel, Taipei, May 1973 (Chun Cha in blue with daughter entering alley, center-right

Elevation/Floor plan, 2243 Kishaba Terrace, Sukiran Military Housing, Okinawa