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Regarding lawyers and their practice: “…probabilities and plausible arguments involve no knowledge concerning truth, but trial and disputation and wrangling conflict and contentiousness and everything of that sort.” — Philo

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The attribution of motive today has become a regrettably pestilential habit; a mental gymnastic born in the late 1960s; a programming byproduct of the American Academy’s purposeful foray into student mind-control, which has regrettably become part and parcel of the post modern American mental map. Thus, some ‘reviewers’ of my book, Punchy Company, offer mere denigration in the guise of criticism, which spuriously assumes motivation:


§   “It is self serving and disappointing.”  Was that my motivation for this book?

§  “It doesn’t capture the atmosphere or the challenges of being hours away from a shooting war.” "Hours away?" The implication must be that I and my fellows ought to cringe in fear rather than do our jobs, observe, learn, and share, I guess...

§  He [The author] “…claims to have solved the I Corp communications problems all by himself. What a big ego and he claims he was great buddies with senior officers and Generals.” The implication is that I was selfishly feeding my ego, but overlooks the talent and prodigious effort of each and every soldier's individual and collective effort to follow my lead and fix an age old mess, which they did (Not me: just young soldiers whose only need was freedom to act).

Regarding the first criticism: Of course! It is self serving, but only insofar as the entire purpose is to record and report remembrances of a time and place otherwise relegated to a forgotten past; a world never to be regained, but in this I took care to avoid editorial license for mere effect, or to impress.  


Regarding the second pronouncement: more than 550,000 hours have expired since being mere ‘hours away from a shooting war’.  That's a lot of 'hours!; 63 years in fact! Yes, ‘Challenges’ were present, but not so melodramatic as this critic implies (...perhaps for his own glory?).


Finally, the narrative did not claim, indicate, nor imply that I solved the I Corps communications problems; no, not in any manner way shape or form. However, and this is impartially documented, I did fix, reliant on the professionalism of my peerless soldiers, the long haul and tactical communications problems that had so long plagued the 38th brigade (AD)—for years prior to my arrival, in fact, and I was for that held in very high regard  by many Flag and senior field grade officers, but I never claimed to be ‘buddies’ with any of them—I am not so presumptuous, foolish, or childish.

In conclusion, it seems likely that the authors of these comments simply did not read or understand the book, were never there, or were otherwise motivated to make such emotionally shallow comments. Too, of course, the final chapter; chapter four, is politically incorrect, which is because I write the truth: political incorrectness is condemned by the mass media without exception, because the mass media flees truth as insects flee Raid -:)

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